IFH 148: How to Write a Super Natural Hit Film with BeetleJuice Creator Larry Wilson

March 21, 2017

How to Write a Super Natural Hit Film with Beetlejuice Creator Larry Wilson

If you were a kid of the late 80s or early 90s then today's guest definitely had an impact on your life. Larry Wilson is the co-creator of the cult classic Beetlejuice (directed by Tim Burton), writer of Addams Family and worked on the legendary television show Tales from the Crypt.

Larry wasn't always a screenwriter, he worked on the studio side of things as well as an executive. In this interview, he tells the story of how he championed a young and pre-Terminator James Cameron to be the writer/director of Aliens. Great story! Check out some of his work below:

Larry Wilson was also a screenwriting teacher at UCLA, arguably one of the best screenwriting programs in the world. He has continued to teach through his very popular workshops. His latest workshop Larry Wilson's Method to Madness-A Fantasy and Horror Workshop is filling up quick so sign up. Here's a bit about the workshop.

As your teacher, my goal is to inspire leaps of imagination by creating an environment that resembles an awesome story conference—the kind myself and my partners experienced while creating Beetlejuice. First, that means we’re allowed to be strange—I’ll encourage your creative quirks and far-out ideas, as long as they’re entertaining and help to tell your story.


I’ll be your guide for workshop writing assignments, role playing games, and group journeys through the dark realms that will keep you engaged and entertained while you’re creating your best story—ever! We’ll jump off the creative cliffs together. What I won’t be doing is lecturing for hours, hoping you’re staying awake. And, even if we’re talking about the darkest story in the world, I’ll make sure we're having fun (if we’re not laughing, it’s not happening). 

There’s a method to my madness, I promise, and I also promise that you’ll enjoy the ride.

Below you'll find the episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents that both Larry Wilson and Tim Burton worked on together and started their Beetlejuice adventures. The episode was called "The Jar.

Enjoy my spooky and funny conversation with Larry Wilson.

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