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IFH 298: The Art of Micro-Budget Filmmaking with Noam Kroll

IFH 298: The Art of Micro-Budget Filmmaking with Noam Kroll

February 7, 2019

Noam Kroll

Today on the show we have the writer, director, post guru, and podcaster Noam Kroll. Noam has directed a killer micro-budget feature film called Shadows on the Road. In this episode, we discuss how he shot this extreme micro-budget film and still made it look gorgeous. Noam also runs a great podcast and blog that helps indie filmmakers. You can find links to his sites below in the show notes. Here's a bit about Shadows on the Road.

After potentially killing her attacker in the midst of a violent altercation, Zoe - a runaway youth - befriends Silver, a charming beach dweller, who offers to drive her to the Mexican border and help her make an escape. As their journey unfolds, the blossoming relationship between the two is threatened by Zoe’s dark past, which not only haunts her but puts both of their lives in jeopardy.

Here's some more info on Noam Kroll:

Noam Kroll is an LA-based filmmaker here to share my thoughts, experience, and perspective on all things film with you. He has worked in the film and television industry in many different capacities over the years, but primarily as a director, cinematographer, and colorist. He got his start by writing and directing his own short film content which led him to work on music videos, advertising campaigns, and eventually feature film work.

Noam's approach to filmmaking has always been quite hands on given my background in cinematography and post-production, which has led him to DP and edit many of his own projects. While he continually develops his own passion projects, Noam also spent much of his time assisting other filmmakers in the creation of their films. Through his production company, Creative Rebellion.  

Enjoy my conversation with Noam Kroll.

IFH 297: The Toxic Filmmaker Mindset and How You Can Change It

IFH 297: The Toxic Filmmaker Mindset and How You Can Change It

February 5, 2019

Today we will tackle the toxic filmmaker mindset. That screenwriting mindset. That artist mindset. We discuss the mindset. How the beliefs we have stop and derail our dreams and life. So many of us have belief systems that limit us. Today we are going to break this down and give you some tools to reprogram yourself into the person and filmmaker you want to be. 

"To have results that very few people have you have to start doing things that very few people do."

Please share this episode with anyone you think needs to hear it. Listen to this often. Enjoy and keep on hustling.

IFH 296: The State of Indie Film for Women with Jen McGowan

IFH 296: The State of Indie Film for Women with Jen McGowan

January 31, 2019

Today on the show we have writer​/director Jen McGowan on the show. We discuss the state of women directors in Indie FIlm, her new film Rust Creek and what it is really like to be a female director, from her perspective in today's world.

Jen McGowan is a director based in Los Angeles. Her first feature KELLY & CAL (Juliette Lewis & Cybill Shepherd) premiered at SXSW where she won the Gamechanger Award. The film was released theatrically by IFC Films to rave reviews. McGowan got her start with award-winning short films, CONFESSIONS OF A LATE BLOOMER and TOUCH, both of which played at over a hundred festivals worldwide. TOUCH qualified for the Oscar when it won the Florida Film Festival.

McGowan studied directing in the MFA program at USC where she was honored with a scholarship from Women in Film and a grant from The Caucus Foundation. She received her BFA in Acting at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, studying under David Mamet, Bill Macy & Sam Shepard at the Atlantic Theatre. She is the creator of, an international skill-sharing, networking & jobs resource for professional women in film and television.

With nearly 2,500 active members, Film Powered was named Best in LA by LA Weekly, is part of the Sundance Women’s Initiative Resource and was featured in Forbes. A Film Independent Fellow, a finalist for the Clint Eastwood Filmmakers Award, recipient of the AWD Breakout Award for Excellence in Directing and one of Vulture’s Women Directors Hollywood Should Be Hiring, she was named one of 50 Women Who Will Change the World in Media & Entertainment by the Take the Lead Foundation.

The tv series she created, Angelica, about the last remaining abortion clinic in a small Midwest town was one of twelve series selected from 4,000 submissions and the only American project for the MIPTV In Development program at Cannes 2018. McGowan’s second feature film, the survival thriller, RUST CREEK, is being released in theaters January 2019 by IFC Midnight.

Enjoy my eye-opening conversation about the state of women directors in indie film with Jen McGowan.

IFH 295: How Bad Do You Want Your Filmmaking Dream?

IFH 295: How Bad Do You Want Your Filmmaking Dream?

January 28, 2019

What are you willing to sacrifice to make your dreams come true? How bad do you want it? These are the questions I'll be discussing in today's episode. If you are looking for something to get you revved up look no further. This is my "tough love" episode. I keep running into filmmakers and people in the business who just like to talk or hide behind excuses. I have two things to say about that.

Life doesn’t care.  The film business doesn’t care. There are 24 hours in a day. I breakdown 24 hours and I promise you will find out that you have, at least, 4-6 hours a day to dedicate to your craft and dream. Yes, even for those who have a 2-hour commute, work 8 hours and has a family. The power to make your dream to become a reality is only in your hands. No one else's! I really hope this episode lights that fire in your belly to make your dream come true.

Please share this episode with anyone you think needs to hear it. Listen to this often. Enjoy and keep on hustling.

IFH 294: All Filmmakers are Marketers - Branding, Marketing & Social Media

IFH 294: All Filmmakers are Marketers - Branding, Marketing & Social Media

January 24, 2019

Today I'm talking about marketing! Yup, marketing. If you, as indie filmmakers, do not understand branding, marketing, and social media YOU WILL NOT MAKE IT IN THE BUSINESS. I really want to get through to you guys. I've been consulting more and more filmmakers lately and I see there is a MAJOR disconnect between filmmakers and understanding the basics of branding (whether personal, company or project), marketing, and social media.

In this episode I'll be discussing:

Tribe or Audience Building Brand Marketing vs. Directing Marketing Understanding your smallest viable audience Brand Building Building Your Personal Brand Discovering how you can love the GRIND or your journey Choosing platforms to build your brand Content creation Also below are six books that will help you along your path to understanding these basic concepts. I truly hope that you find value in this episode. The understanding, at a basic level, of branding, marketing, and social media is not a luxury but a necessity in today's and tomorrow's world.  Don't get left behind. I want every single #IFHTribe member to make there dream come true, to build a better life for themselves and to love their own journey towards their goals.

Warning: this episode might make you think about stuff so beware! Enjoy and keep on hustling.

IFH 293: Music Licensing for Film Demystified with Chris Small

IFH 293: Music Licensing for Film Demystified with Chris Small

January 22, 2019

We have all wanted to have a killer song we love in one of our films or projects, that perfect song that makes the scene pop off the screen. When you begin to investigate how to get permission for the song you soon discover the maze of red tape and crap you need to deal with in order to have the song in your film.

From getting film festival rights to broadcast rights to VOD rights, Music Licensing is a headache and a half. Today on the show with have Chris Small, a music licensing professional here to demystified the ridiculous and antiquated process of licensing music for film. Chris breaks down the way to properly license music without falling into legal pitfalls.

Chris also works for Soundstripe, a music licensing company that is disrupting the way filmmakers get music for their films and projects.

I just love what the team at Soundstripe is doing so I've partnered with them. Soundstripe is now the OFFICIAL SOUND LIBRARY OF INDIE FILM HUSTLE.

As part of the #IFHTribe, you get an exclusive DISCOUNT CODE: IFH (10% OFF MEMBERSHIP). Click here to check Soundstripe out.

I love this service and am using Soundstripe music in all of my videos, podcasts and IFHTV Original Productions. Music licensing is a nightmare but it doesn't have to be.

Enjoy my conversation with Chris Small from Soundstripe.

IFH 292: Fighting the Good Indie Film Fight with Mark Polish

IFH 292: Fighting the Good Indie Film Fight with Mark Polish

January 15, 2019

Today on the show we have writer, director, author, actor, and all-around indie film pioneer Mark Polish. His new film Headlock (aka Against the Clock, more on that later in the interview)  is out in theaters and VOD.

Also, do yourself a favor and read his amazing filmmaking book The Declaration of Independent Filmmaking which is easily one of my favorite filmmaking books of all time. 

Mark and I discuss his career, the challenges of maintaining your creative vision and working within and out of the Hollywood system. We also discuss how Sundance has radically changed over the years and some of his horror stories when shooting and distributing his films.

Enjoy my epic conversation with Mark Polish.

IFH 291: I Want to Give You $30,000 to Make a Web Series

IFH 291: I Want to Give You $30,000 to Make a Web Series

January 14, 2019

You must be saying,

Wait? What? You want to give me $30,000 to make a web series?

Yup, that is exactly what I want to do. I've partnered with to launch an amazing Web Series Filmmaking Competition.

We are launching cross-platform Web Series filmmaking competition, sourcing diverse ideas & pitches. Filmaka & Indie Film Hustle will select and award the Web Series competition winner with a production budget for completion of the winning series.


Filmaka members have three weeks to submit written Pitches only for the 3-5 minute pilot of an original web series they want to create based on the prompt: THE HUSTLE.

After the Pitch competition closes, up to four (4) winners will be given $5000 each to shoot their Short/Pilot which is their pilot for an original web series. The winners will have eight weeks to submit their Short along with nine (9) written Scripts, that together make up a ten-episode web series. Of the up to four (4) submissions, one winner will be awarded $25,000 to produce their original web series.


The Pitch and/or the Scripts should be as detailed as possible so that Filmaka executives have a clear vision of the web series the Member wants to create. Character lists, an overall summary of the web series, storyboards and scene sketches may be included as part of the Member's submission. While there is no limit to the number of pages for the Pitch or Scripts, it is important to remember that the produced version of the Pitch or Script will only be three (3) to five (5) minutes in length.

Who is Filmaka?

Filmaka is a digital platform for aspiring filmmakers to showcase their talents, compete for opportunities, and build their careers globally. Filmaka currently partners with MarVista Entertainment in a pact to source new and diverse talent through an ongoing pitch forum aiming to aggregate original & unique story ideas. Filmaka’s partnerships also include Riverstone Pictures, with whom they hold a feature film funding pact for the winner of Filmaka’s Final Competition.

Through the platforms numerous competitions and production budget prizes, Filmaka creates opportunities for filmmakers without traditional access into Hollywood. Films that are submitted to Filmaka are seen, judged, and selected by a jury of top tier professionals in the entertainment industry and by fellow Filmaka members. At Filmaka, aspiring filmmakers from across the world can connect, collaborate, and compete for a wide range of professional opportunities.

I can't tell you how excited I am to bring this opportunity to the IFH Tribe.

To submit just go to

It has been a dream of mine to be able to give this kind of access to the tribe. I can't wait to see what you guys submit. Also the winner's pilots and series will be available to view on Indie Film Hustle TV.

IFH 290: How I Almost Directed a $20 Million Film for the Mob with Alex Ferrari

IFH 290: How I Almost Directed a $20 Million Film for the Mob with Alex Ferrari

January 10, 2019

The teasing is over. Here it is, I've written a book and not just any book but a book about the craziest and darkest time in my life. Read below to get the skinny on what I'm talking about.

A bipolar gangster, a naive, young film director, and Batman. What could go wrong? Alex Ferrari is a first-time film director who just got hired to direct a $20 million feature film, the only problem is the film is about Jimmy, an egomaniacal gangster who wants the film to be about his life in the mob. From the backwater towns of Louisiana to the Hollywood Hills, Alex is taken on a crazy misadventure through the world of the mafia and Hollywood. Huge movie stars, billion-dollar producers, studio heads and, of course, a few gangsters, populate this unbelievable journey down the rabbit hole of chasing your dream. Would you sell your soul to the devil to make your dream come true? By the way, did we mention that this story is based on true events? no, seriously it is.

Writing this book is easily one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to do. Some days I would cry as I was typing. Who wants to go back to the darkest time in their lives and relive that hell. Well, that’s exactly what I did. It took me 18 years to build up the courage to sit down and tell my story. I take you behind the scenes of the real Hollywood. and also see how gangsters and Hollywood go together like peanut butter and jelly. This book is RAW and UNFILTERED. I said to myself,

"If I'm going to write this I have to tell the entire story, warts and all."

The goal of this book is to help, not only filmmakers and people interested in having a career in Hollyweird but anyone stuck in a bad situation they feel they can’t get out of. The story illustrates how someone can lose themselves while chasing that golden carrot that is their dream, not to compromise their morals and stand up for themselves. As cheesy as it sounds if I can help one person avoid even 1% of the pain and suffering I went through then it will be worth it. Now this story is not all doom and gloom, it’s hilarious, ridiculous and one hell of an adventure. I hope you really enjoy the story and have fun, laugh, cry and maybe even learn a little something about yourself. 

The book will be released on Jan 31st, 2019 on Amazon and we will roll it out around the country soon after that. I plan to do a signing book tour with talks and possibly workshops around the US and then hopefully overseas as well.

If you want to sign up for the Shooting for the Mob LAUNCH TEAM email at As part of the launch team, you'll get access to me, we'll have a private Facebook Group and you can see how I market and release this book, which is similar to how you would release an indie film. For more info on the book go to:

Shooting for the Mob - (Sign Up for Exclusive Videos and Content)

I also want to give a big shoutout to my brotha-in-arms Dan Cregan for designing such an amazing cover. Thank you so much for your support. More to come!

IFH 289: The Cure for Writer’s Block with Matthew Kalil (CROSSOVER EVENT)

IFH 289: The Cure for Writer’s Block with Matthew Kalil (CROSSOVER EVENT)

January 9, 2019

Have you ever had writer's block? We all have at one point or another and it sucks! Today's guest, Matthew Kalil, has the cure. He has written a new book called The [easyazon_link identifier="1615932860" locale="US" tag="whatisbroke-20"]Three Wells of Screenwriting[/easyazon_link]. Working from a writer’s perspective, the book explores these Three Wells and helps you consciously draw from them to develop new scripts, or strengthen old ones. It includes 29 exercises and techniques that help you to write stories that contain fresh ideas, intriguing characters, original scenes, inventive dialogue, unique locations, and important themes.

I had such a ball with Matthew that I had to make it a crossover episode with the Bulletproof Screenplay Podcast. Enjoy my conversation with Matthew Kalil.

IFH 288: Marketing & Selling Your Movie with Jason Brubaker

IFH 288: Marketing & Selling Your Movie with Jason Brubaker

January 8, 2019

On today's episode, we have returning champion, Jason Brubaker. Jason is the founder of Filmmaking Stuff and also works with Distribber. I wanted to have Jason back on the show to discuss the latest trends, ideas, victories, and defeats in self-distribution.

We get into the weeds on how to sell your movie. Enjoy my conversation with Jason Brubaker.

THROWBACK FRIDAY: How to Get Up Off Your Butt & Make It Happen in 2019 w/Eric Thomas

THROWBACK FRIDAY: How to Get Up Off Your Butt & Make It Happen in 2019 w/Eric Thomas

January 4, 2019

Happy New Years everyone. 2019 is going to be insane!! I wanted to give you a gift to get your year off to an explosive start. Today's guest is Global Phenomenon Eric Thomas.

Eric Thomas, Ph.D. is a critically acclaimed author, World-renowned speaker, educator, pastor, and Audie Awards Finalist. ET, as he is better known, has taken the world by storm, with his creative style and high-energy messages. His words continue to impact tens of millions of people in several hundred countries across the planet!  Through a significant social media presence and his recent domestic and international tours, “ET, The Hip Hop Preacher” has become a global phenomenon!

As CEO of his Consulting Firm, ETA LLC., Eric has led his team through the doors of dozens of reputable organizations and Fortune 500 companies such as General Electric, Quicken Loans, AT&T, Nike, Under Armour, New Balance, and UPS.  He has also consulted for major Universities and the major sports teams within the MLB, NBA, NFL, and MLS.

When I need some motivation I turn on ET.

I hope this episode inspires you to be the best version of yourself in 2018. Get ready to have a fire lite under your butt and enjoy my conversation with Eric Thomas!

IFH 287: How To Have Your Best Year Ever in 2019!

IFH 287: How To Have Your Best Year Ever in 2019!

January 1, 2019

Welcome to 2019 IFH Tribe! Last year was one hell of a ride for IFH. I shot a feature, On the Corner of Ego and Desire, which is coming out in the next few months. I launched the world's first streaming service dedicated to filmmakers and screenwriters Indie Film Hustle TV and I also wrote a book called Shooting for the Mob, more on that on the next episode. Needless to say, 2018 was a crazy year for me and the IFH Tribe.

On today's episode, I discuss ideas and tactics to help you reach your goals in 2019. I also go over how goals without a plan are just wishes and how you can change that. I want 2019 to be that best year of your life. I hope this episode can help you start this year's journey off on the right foot. Ask yourself the questions,

"How bad do you want it? What are you willing to do to make your dream come true?"

Once you answer those questions for yourself then you can get down to the business of making your dream come true. Get ready for an inspirational kick in the butt. Happy New Year, now let's get to work!

IFH 286: How People Around Can Hurt Your Filmmaking Dreams

IFH 286: How People Around Can Hurt Your Filmmaking Dreams

December 21, 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone in the IFH Tribe and beyond. I wanted to do an episode on this subject for a long time.

"You are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with." - Jim Rohn

I wish I had someone to tell me this early on my filmmaking journey. In this episode, I go over what happened to me when I was starting out, how my friends affected me and my ability to move forward in my career and what happened to me when I moved to Los Angeles over a decade ago. I discuss how the people around you affect you on a personal, professional and even spiritual level.

I really hope you find some value in this episode. Happy Holidays and keep on hustlin'.

IFH 285: Community Indie Filmmaking with Josh Doke

IFH 285: Community Indie Filmmaking with Josh Doke

December 18, 2018

If you ever wanted to learn how to get your local town, group or community behind your indie film this is the show for you. Today's guest did just that, writer/director Josh Doke got his entire town of Goodland, Kansas to support his film through crowdfunding, production resources and finally distribution.

Goodland was filmed in his hometown of about 4,000 people in Western Kansas and he included as many locals as he could in order to help bring the project to life. We used all practical locations, had vehicles, tractors, props, and costumes donated. He was able to buy a 1990 Crown Vic for $1 from a local car dealership who wanted to help out, and then he repainted it to be a cop car - complete with a donated light bar from the local sheriff's office. The City of Goodland shut down streets, turned electricity on in abandoned buildings, and pretty much gave him free rein over the town while he was in production.

Off-screen, people donated meals, lodged cast, and crew, and in return, everyone was welcome to come on set and watch the filmmaking process if they wanted to.

Then, when it came time to screen the film, he screened in the local, one-screen theater for two weeks and became the best-attended feature of 2017. Because of that Goodland was held over for an additional week - doing more business locally in our third week than Thor Ragnarok did in its entire run.

These are just a few examples of how this film was able to come to life and eventually get distribution, have a small theatrical run, be released on Amazon, Spectrum, Xfinity, etc., get a streaming deal with a premium cable network, and have the DVD released in Walmart.

This is an extremely inspiring story. Enjoy my conversation with Josh Doke!

THROWBACK FRIDAY: How to Make $3 Million Selling Your Indie Film on iTunes & Amazon w_ with Nick Palmisciano of Range 15

THROWBACK FRIDAY: How to Make $3 Million Selling Your Indie Film on iTunes & Amazon w_ with Nick Palmisciano of Range 15

December 14, 2018

Please note: Throwback Fridays are archival episodes from the Indie Film Hustle Podcast. After many requests from the IFH Tribe to bring back some of the show’s best episodes, I decided to create Throwback Fridays. These episodes will not be posted every week but at least twice a month…if not more. There are so much amazing info and knowledge bombs in many of these past episodes and I don’t want them to be lost in the sea of IFH Content so I’ll be putting a spotlight on them in Throwback Fridays. Enjoy!

We all hear that self-distribution is the future for indie filmmakers. Build an audience and make a film for that audience but finding real-world examples of a "true" indie film breaking $1,000,000+ using that model is tough. Well, I'm happy to introduce you to Range 15, the indie film that not only made $1 million selling on iTunes and Amazon but generated $3 million+ to date, and growing.

Today's guest is Nick Palmisciano, one of the writers, producers, and actors in Range 15. His story of how this crazy indie film came into the world is truly inspiring.

Nick and Mat Best, his co-producer/writer/lead of Range 15, had a crazy idea to create a feature film for the communities they had built up over the years. They are both military veterans and own the military-themed apparel companies Ranger Rp and Article 15 Clothing, respectively.

They wanted to make a film that the military community would enjoy and they did just that. They crowdfunded $1.2 million to make the film. Their goal was $350,000 but they made that in the first 30 hours of the campaign. With the extra cash, they were able to get William Shatner, Keith David, Sean Astin, and Danny Trejo to join the cast.

As you can tell from the videos above Nick and the gang don't take themselves too seriously but what is serious is how much dinero Range 15 has pulled in. For an indie film with no studio and no distributor to break $3 million bucks is a miracle. My hats off to the cast and crew of Range 15.

Nick and the boys also produced a remarkable documentary on the making of Range 15 called Not a War Story. It's starting to get buzz around Hollywood.

Enjoy my inspirational conversation with Nick Palmisciano.

IFH 284: iPhone Filmmaking & Cinematography with Jason Van Genderen

IFH 284: iPhone Filmmaking & Cinematography with Jason Van Genderen

December 6, 2018

Today on the show I have iPhone filmmaking master and TEDTalk Speaker Jason Van Genderen. I've wanted to have Jason on the podcast for a long time. He is a true inspiration to anyone who wants to pick up a camera and tell a story. He has made an industry out of professional shooting with iPhones for corporate clients, on commercials, music videos, and short films. Here's some more info on our guest.

No script, storyboard or crew. No exposure to focus controls. A resolution of 640 x 480 pixels and a total memory of just 160MB. That was Jason’s unexpected entry into the global filmmaking stage back in 2008.

‘Mankind is No Island’ went on to win numerous prestigious accolades at film festivals around the globe and was one of the very first exemplary​ films to champion a whole new emerging medium of iPhone filmmaking.

With screenings and awards from Tropfest NY, Aspen Shortsfest, Palm Springs, San Francisco Short Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival right through to Sundance London, Jason’s made mobile stories that matter, becoming an unexpected voice for marginalized or emerging storytellers. It’s the very reason he proudly labels himself a Filmbreaker.

An equally passionate educator, Jason’s talks have inspired audiences from TEDx Newy to the Aspen Ideas Festival; from countless televisions, how appearances to keynote addresses at film schools and festivals. His masterclass workshops continue to inspire both beginners and seasoned professionals alike. Jason Van Genderen has also consulted and collaborated with some of the world’s largest imaging brands, from Sony and Nokia to Nikon and currently Apple Australia. This year he also commenced an on-air role presenting guest segments on Channel 7’s ‘Get Arty’ children show, and has recently consulted to 7 West Media Group on broadcast applications for smartphone technology.

When your introduction to puberty is selling pet rocks and wearing a back brace, you'd have to hope that the ability to think creatively comes naturally. For Jason, his life of creative problem solving was seeded by 20 years hard labor in the advertising & design industry... before turning his hand to short films. His reputation for quick thinking under challenging circumstances saw him carve an early niche, being a four-time winner in the 24-hour in-camera film festival The Shoot Out.

Always a custodian of content over craft, in 2008 he experimented with filming on his mobile phone, making a short with no script, storyboard, actors, narration or budget. 'Mankind is no Island' went on to win Tropfest NY and numerous other accolades globally, by breaking every rule in the book. His unorthodox approach to filtering story with low-tech simplicity has seen him in demand internationally as a presenter on pocket filmmaking.

There are NO MORE EXCUSES ANYMORE. You can tell your story with what's in your pocket.

Enjoy my conversation with Jason Van Genderen!

IFH 283: Building an Audience for Your Indie Film with Paola di Florio & Peter Rader

IFH 283: Building an Audience for Your Indie Film with Paola di Florio & Peter Rader

December 4, 2018

Today's guests are Oscar® Nominated writer/director Paola di Florio & and producer Peter Rader. They worked on one of my favorite documentaries in recent years called AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda.

The film is an unconventional biography about the Hindu Swami who brought yoga and meditation to the West in the 1920s. Paramahansa Yogananda authored the spiritual classic “Autobiography of a Yogi” which has sold millions of copies worldwide and is a go-to book for seekers, philosophers, and yoga enthusiasts today. (Apparently, it was the only book that Steve Jobs had on his iPad.) By personalizing his own quest for enlightenment and sharing his struggles along the path, Yogananda made ancient Vedic teachings accessible to a modern audience, attracting many followers and inspiring the millions who practice yoga today.

The story of how they self-distributed the film from booking theaters to SVOD is remarkable. They did it all on their own and the film has been viewed by millions. I wanted to bring them on the show to discuss their methods for audience building, social media marketing, release stradigy and much more. If you want to the IFH Video Podcast version of this interview goto: IFHTV Video Podcast - Building an Audience for Your Indie Film with Paola di Florio & Peter Rader


Indie Film Hustle TV: December 2018 Releases

Indie Film Hustle TV: December 2018 Releases

December 1, 2018

First off thank you for all the support that the IFH Tribe has given to IFHTV. It has been overwelling and that's why I'm so busy acquiring​ and producing amazing new content for you every month.

I'll be doing these posts one a month to tell you all about the new releases I have in store for you on Indie Film Hustle TV. I've been a busy beaver and December will have over 20 hours of new content for your streaming pleasure. Also, I'd like to announce IFHTV is now available on Apple TV, Roku and Amazon TV Apps. Just go to the platforms and do a search for "Indie Film Hustle TV" and our app will pop up.

Let's get to it.

IFH 282: So You Didn’t Get Into Sundance…Neither Did I

IFH 282: So You Didn’t Get Into Sundance…Neither Did I

November 29, 2018

Well, it's that time of year again when filmmakers around the world get that dreaded rejection letter from the Sundance Film Festival. Below is my rejection email:

RE:  On the Corner of Ego and Desire

Dear Alex,

On behalf of the entire Programming team for the Sundance Film Festival, thank you for allowing us to consider your film for the 2019 edition of the Festival. Unfortunately, we were unable to include it in our program this year. Ultimately, we are forced to make many difficult decisions throughout our process, and we consider ourselves lucky to have the opportunity to view the latest work from the independent creative community.

We received a record number of submissions this year (over 14,200), and the number of worthy projects submitted to us is far higher than the number of slots available in our Festival program. The level of quality displayed in the projects we receive is higher each and every year, so it is never an easy process. We wish you the best of luck with your film going forward and we are excited see more of your work in the future.


John Cooper Director, Sundance Film Festival

Did you read that, 14,200 submissions? Getting into Sundance is a lottery ticket for sure but it isn't as important as it used to be. Here's what Mark Duplass wrote about it:

Annual Sundance Film Festival rejection reminder: Sundance is awesome, but Sundance is not everything. So many incredible films don't make the cut. Don't let it get you down. If you believe in your film, keep pushing forward. There are so many new ways to get it there. Good luck! - Mark Duplass

My indie films have played in over 500 international film festival around the world and it has been a great experience and I've even been in a few big festivals like Raindance and Cinequest. I've also been rejected by EVERY major film festival in the world. SXSW, Berlin, Cannes, Toronto, AFI and the list goes on.

Film festivals are great. I loved them so much my recent film, which got that Sundance rejection email,  On the Corner of Ego and Desire, was a love letter to film festivals, Sundance and Independent filmmakers everywhere.

You have to understand that film festivals are not the only way to get your films out there anymore. Sure, getting into Sundance would be AMAZING but alas it wasn't meant to be and you know's OK. This should stop you from moving forward on your filmmaking journey. Festivals are run by people with tastes and opinions. Those tastes might not be in line with your tastes and that's OK.

Maybe you made an amazing film but there were three other films about the same subject so they had to flip a coin. I decided to make this episode as a therapy session for any filmmaker who has been rejected from Sundance or any film festivals.

I hope it helps. KEEP ON HUSTLIN' NO MATTER WHAT! Keep that dream ALIVE.

IFH 281: Shooting from the Heart at Sundance with Diane Bell

IFH 281: Shooting from the Heart at Sundance with Diane Bell

November 27, 2018

Today's guest is returning champion writer/director Diane Bell. Diane and I go way back. I had the pleasure of working on her first feature film OBSELIDIA, which won two awards at Sundance. The film makes it's IFHTV Premiere this week.

Here's a bit about Diane.

Diane Bell is a screenwriter and director. Made for less than $150k, her first feature film, OBSELIDIA, premiered in Dramatic Competition at Sundance and won two awards. The film went on to win further awards at festivals around the world, and to be nominated for two prestigious Independent Spirit Awards. Her second film, BLEEDING HEART, a drama starring Jessica Biel and Zosia Mamet, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and is widely available. She is currently in post on her third feature, OF DUST AND BONES.

She has written numerous commissioned and optioned scripts, including two with renowned director John McTiernan (the director of Die Hard and The Hunt for Red October). In addition to writing and directing films, Diane with her producing partner Chris Byrne is a founder of the Rebel Heart Film Workshop program, in which she teaches step by step how to make a standout indie film. She also teaches at Denver's Lighthouse Writer's Workshop. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and honest experiences of filmmaking so that up and coming filmmakers can make better movies and create sustainable careers.

“The biggest advice I can give you for your shoot, if you want to make a standout film, is to be fully present in the moment when you are filming.” – Diane Bell

In her quest to help filmmakers follow their dreams she has written a new book called Shooting From the Heart: Successful Filmmaking from a Sundance Rebel.

If you dream of making a movie but don't know where to start or you're afraid that your film will end up being yet another unseen indie, this is the book for you. Based on the real-life experiences of Sundance award-winning screenwriter/director Diane Bell, SHOOT FROM THE HEART will guide you through the process of making an indie film successfully ― from writing a stand-out script to raising finance, from getting the most out of your shoot to planning a profitable release.

Broken down into sixteen essential steps, this book provides you with a clear, actionable, real-world plan for turning your filmmaking dream into your reality. The method in this book is available to anyone, anywhere. You don't need a ton of money or industry connections, you just need to be willing to do the work of each step.

In this book, you'll find ass-kicking inspiration and motivational tips for the long journey filmmaking is, as well as the practical knowledge and insider's information you need to make it happen. SHOOT FROM THE HEART will empower you to trust your creative instincts and leave you with no excuses for not making the best film you can. This guide is the only one you need if you seriously want to stop talking about making movies and actually make a great one. At the end of each chapter, Diane provides a thoughtful reminder to her readers:

“Be grateful for the journey you are on.”

We discuss her Sundance experience, her horrible Hollywood experience after Sundance and so much more. Enjoy my inspirational conversation with Diane Bell.

IFH 280: Misadventures in Micro-Budget Filmmaking with James Morosini

IFH 280: Misadventures in Micro-Budget Filmmaking with James Morosini

November 21, 2018

Today's guest is actor/writer/director James Morosini. His film Threesomething is a micro-budget film that he jumped off a cliff to make. With this being his first feature film as a director he definitely had some misadventures. In this interview,​ we go into the details of his journey making and distributing his film. We also discuss how he made a clip from the film go viral on YouTube. 

Zoe, Charlie, and Isaac spend a night flirting with the idea of a threesome... until it finally happens and all hell breaks loose. While two fall deeply in love, two test their sexual limits. They each discover fantasies they never thought they had and try things they never thought they would. This sexy comedy will make you squirm with its hilarious awkwardness and challenge your ideas of sex, love, and friendship.

In the show notes James wrote an amazing article detailing his misadventures so when you are do listen to the interview the article is required reading.

Enjoy my conversation with James Morosini.

IFH 279: How to Self Distribute Your Niche Indie Film with Brad Olsen

IFH 279: How to Self Distribute Your Niche Indie Film with Brad Olsen

November 21, 2018

Today's guest is returning champion Brad Olsen, director of the documentary Off the Tracks. This time we discuss his misadventure in distribution. After meeting over 40 traditional distributors Brad decided the best path for his film was self-distribution​. I've always said that self-distribution​ is not for everyone but with Off the Tracks it makes perfect sense. 

We discuss how he got the word out of his film, got in the press that was in his niche and how he engaged with the audience he was trying to reach. We talk numbers, success, ​and failures. It's a pretty eye-opening interview. So if you are thinking of self-distributing​g your indie film take a listen to this episode first. 

Enjoy my conversation with Brad Olsen.



November 19, 2018

Black Friday week is finally here. I wanted to do something special for the IFH Tribe this week so I decided to create a special sale for you guys. Between Today and Cyber Monday, if you sign up for Indie Film Hustle TV receive another FREE MONTH to give to someone else at no additional charge.

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Head over to Indie Film Hustle TV and sign up. We have a TON of new feature films, docs, courses, and interviews. I'll be releasing a December IFHTV Update soon with all the new content we have planned for you. 

Happy Black Friday week and Turkey Day! 

IFH 278: Final Cut Pro X SUCKS…Or Does It_ with Brad Olsen

IFH 278: Final Cut Pro X SUCKS…Or Does It_ with Brad Olsen

November 17, 2018

Today's guest is Brad Olsen, director of the documentary Off the Tracks. If you don't know the story about the major debacle that was the release of Apple's Final Cut Pro X get ready to jump into the deep end of editing lore. 

In 2011 Apple ended Final Cut Pro as we knew it and started over with a brand new video editing application: Final Cut Pro X. The disruption from this change is still being felt by the film, television, and video industries to this day. With misinformation running amok, Off The Tracks aims to clear the air once and for all. Industry insiders discuss Apple's controversial decision to redesign the video editing application Final Cut Pro.

This documentary explores why the release of Final Cut Pro X upset video editors and how the software is being used today. Off the Tracks features exclusive interviews with the creative professionals who use the software and the developers who created it. Why did Apple make Final Cut Pro X?

I love this documentary about Final Cut Pro X so much I had to have it on Indie Film Hustle TV. Brad not only loved the idea but he also agreed to jump on the show to discuss why he decided to make a doc about a piece of editing software. He's laughing all the way to the bank.

Enjoy my conversation with Brad Olsen.