IFH 175: How to Build an Audience w/ Social Media & Hustle - Hollyshorts! Conference

August 16, 2017

How to Build an Audience w/ Social Media & Hustle - Hollyshorts! Film Festival Conference In today's episode, I wanted to share the talk I did with RB Botto (Stage 32) at the Hollyshorts! Film Festival Conference 2017. RB and I spoke about a lot of different topics covering, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, building an audience, self-distribution, and much more. There's truly one knowledge bomb dropped after another. I thought the IFH Tribe could get a lot out of it. Also, if you are in the LA area This is Meg is LA Priemering at the TCL Chinese Theater, I know crazy! We are the closing night feature film of the Hollyshorts! Film Festival. The screening is August 19th, 8pm. For discount tickets read below. The entire cast will be there and it'll be a fun time! Hope to see you there. Enjoy! Right click here to download the MP3Download on iTunes DirectWatch on IFH YouTube Channel


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