IFH 169: How to Make Money Renting Your Film Gear with ShareGrid

July 20, 2017

How to Make Money Renting Your Film Gear with ShareGrid's Brent Barbano Have you ever wanted to make a little extra cash with that film gear sitting in your closet? Have you ever wanted o rent that new Arri ALEXA but were afraid you couldn't afford it? Well, I came across the solution for both problems, it's call ShareGrid. ShareGrid is a per to per community, think Airbnb for filmmakers, that allows list film gear for rental or rent gear directly from other filmmakers with instant insurance. I reached out to Brent Barbano, co-founder of Sharegrid to discuss how he built this community up, talk about how to be a working cinematographer and just talk shop. Heres a couple of videos explain what ShareGrid is all about.     Enjoy my conversation with ShareGrid Co-Founder Brent Barbano.

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