IFH 166: Indie Film Self Distribution & Marketing Blueprint with This is Meg

July 12, 2017

Independent Film Self Distribution & Marketing Blueprint with This is Meg Over the past 6 months or so I've been getting an enormous amount of emails and messages asking me the same question:

What is your distribution and marketing plan for This is Meg?

I hear you IFH Tribe, so I decide to put this podcast together and lay out the marketing and distribution blueprint I created to get This is Megout into the world. In this episode, I break down:

Why I didn't go through a traditional distributor Why I didn't do a theatrical run through TUGG How I will be self-distributing This is Meg What platforms I'll be selling on and why What my marketing strategy is

This is Meg has been a giant experiment to see what happens and I wanted to share the ride with you, the IFH Tribe. Thank you for all the support. Take a listen and keep on hustlin'. Right click here to download the MP3Download on iTunes DirectWatch on IFH YouTube Channel Below you can check out some of the marketing I'm doing to promote This is Meg and content I'm giving my cast so they can push the film on their platforms.

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